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Telemetry system

In order to provide quality services throughout the ownership of our fleet is equipped with a telemetry system.

The system consists of a central unit and the touch panel driver plugged into the data bus CAN-bus tractor, GPS and GSM networks.

This kit allows you to:

  • determine the current position of the vehicle,
  • receipt of orders with an indication of the place of loading and unloading
  • auto-navigation based on data from the order,
  • creating and sending the company's full-text messages
  • current control tasks and log events,
  • readout and control of working time,
  • control of technical condition including information about possibly alarms / alerts.

Page BackOffice support system that allows such an application FleetWorks

  1. Track & Trace
  2. The allocation of tasks, visits, orders for dispatchers
  3. Control of events and the current state of the vehicle
  4. Monitoring alarms and warnings
  5. Current control of working times
  6. Extensive reporting, including event history, fuel consumption, ranking of drivers due to the driving style, etc.

The main purpose of the implemented system is the constant control over the dangerous goods, vehicle and driver. Consequently, it allowed us to save time, precision and significantly better transport planning.

The choice of appropriate technology is designed to provide all customers with quality service and reliability in the freight carried. We want to build our position and be a credible partner.